TrustPort LiveCD 2012'

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TrustPort LiveCD 2012'

TrustPort LiveCd 2012 | 366 MB

TrustPort LiveCd - disk antivirus emergency assistance, which allows you to recover your system, affected by the actions of malicious programs on computers and servers running Windows Unix. In the case where it is impossible to boot the computer from the hard disk, LiveCD will not only clean your computer from viruses, infected and suspicious files, but also to cure infected objects.
TrustPort LiveCd designed for testing and treatment of computers, the file system, viewing, copying and editing text files, Web browsing and electronic mail. Also in the new version provides for a system snapshot, which provides the ability to save your settings and data between sessions.

The order of the boot disk TrustPort LiveCD:
1. Burn the image TrustPort LiveCD on CD / DVD / USB drive.
2. Set the PC BIOS to boot from CD / DVD / USB drive.
3. Boot from the selected drive.

TrustPort LiveCD 2012'






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