Portable Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 SP2 x86 (WinXP/Win7)

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Portable Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 SP2 x86 (WinXP/Win7)

Portable Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 SP2 x86 (WinXP/Win7) | 1.6 GB

AutoCAD - world s most popular computer-aided design and production of technical design and project documentation.

Year: 2011
Version: 2007
Developer: Autodesk
Bit depth: 32bit
Compatibility with Vista: Unknown
Compatible with Windows 7: only x86 (32-bit)
Language: English & Russian
System requirements: Development of two-dimensional drawings
* Intel Pentium IV 1,8 GHz.
* Microsoft Windows XP SP1 and above
* 512 MB of RAM.
* 750 MB free hard disk space for installation.
* Video card with support for the regime of 1024x768 True Color (minimum requirement).
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or higher (included on installation CD)

Solid-parametric modeling
* Intel Pentium IV 3 GHz or higher.
* Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and above
* At least 2 GB of RAM.
* 750 MB free hard disk space for installation and 2 GB to work.
* Video card with support for the regime of 1280x1024 True Color, at least 128 MB of video memory, OpenGL support

With the release of two distributions: in the folder is alreadyacad2007Spoon new version that works on XP as well as a 7-kyo. To startyou need to create a shortcut Acad DWFViewerEng.exe with orDWFViewerRus.exe and properties of the shortcut in the Target box at theend of an indented one character to add the word acad. In the folderacad2007ThinApp new version, which only works on XP.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2007 - world s most popular computer-aided design andproduction of technical design and project documentation. With it aretwo-and three-dimensional projects of varying degrees of complexity inthe field of architecture and construction, engineering, general layout,surveying, etc. Storage format is AutoCAD recognized de factointernational standard for storing and transferring the designdocumentation. AutoCAD software in 2007, you can simply and effectivelydesign, visualize, produce project documentation. Never before did notoffer AutoCAD more such opportunities to develop your ideas - rangingfrom conceptual design to production of drawings. Create, edit andrefine the design is now possible using realistic bodies and surfaces inan updated design environment. Combine your ideas with powerful drawingtools, create and hand-tinted photo-realistic images, and then, usingnew options to create the cuts and flat types, to embody your conceptinto a set of documents. You create, explore, operate or establishinteraction and AutoCAD saves your time, budget and helps to avoidmistakes.

New features of AutoCAD 2007:
- Create photorealistic images. Technology to create photorealisticimages - mental ray (generator of imaginary rays) used in Autodesk3ds Max , is now built into the user interface. It allows you to easilyand quickly create high-quality photorealistic images.
- A new ability to import DWF files as a subbase (substrate) to createnew drawings. Thus he DWF file remains unchanged. Using the DWF file asan underlying basis, helps to maintain the integrity and accuracy ofvisual information when drafting team. One major advantage of DWF formatto DWG - a small file size DWF, to help you get a more flexibleexchange of information.
- Ability to publish the drawings in the format of Adobe PDF.
- The AutoCAD 2007 DWG file format changed. It differs from fileformat, DWG 2004/2005/2006 and corresponds to DWG-format, which is usedin the recent releases of products Autodesk: AutodeskArchitectural Desktop, Autodesk Map 3D , Autodesk Civil 3D, AutoCADElectrical and AutoCAD Mechanical. However, you can still exchangedata between the teams of designers working in previous versions.
- In AutoCAD 2007, came back to save the data in the format of AutoCAD version 14.

Chto can AutoCAD 2007:
Udachnaya implementation of ideas
From concept to proektirovaniya drawing - AutoCAD 2007 pozvolit untoyou realizovyvat svoi ideas more effectively than ranshe. AutoCAD 2007combines acquaintances AutoCAD commands and interface with the updatedenvironment proektirovaniya.
Conceptual proektirovanie:
Obnovlennaya Wednesday conceptual proektirovaniya obespechivaet easy andintuitive creation and redaktirovanie solids and surfaces.Usovershenstvovannye sredstva navigatsii pozvolyayut vzaimodeystvovatwith models napryamuyu ye the time redaktirovaniya.

Sredstva visualization:
AutoCAD 2007 pozvolyaet peredavat other people s projects vashe visionwith powerful visualization tools such as animation and realistictonirovanie. Animation helps any flaws obnaruzhit nA rannih stagesproektirovaniya and znachit togo before they can deliver cereznyeproblemy.

Working drawings:
When nastupit s projects in time to pass proizvodstvo, AutoCAD 2007helps you easily and bystro prevratit model kit rabochih drawings.Special tools pozvolyayut easily sozdavat any razrezy and proektsii andthen incorporate them into the drawing. Since the podgotovke rabochihdrawings do not need zanovo vvodit information about the modelobespechivaetsya saving time and money. IT S also helps to avoid errorsassociated with manual operatsiyami.

Data Exchange:
AutoCAD 2007 razvivaet togo and without the powerful International Conferences sredstva data naprimer:preobrazovanie current DWG files to DWG rannih versions, exporting andimporting DWF files with elektronnymi notes. Also usovershenstvovanavozmozhnost import DWF to ispolzovaniya as an underlying basis for thedrawing. Krome togo, AutoCAD 2007 now has vozmozhnost publikovatdrawings in the format of Adobe PDF.



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